Turtle Beach Stealth 300 review — Charge!

Turtle Beach’s company is flourishing. Video game suches as Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as well as Rainbow Six: Siege (yet mainly Fortnite) have actually produced a rising need for pc gaming headsets so gamers could chat with their good friends on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, as well as PC.

That led the firm to press out its Stealth 300 headset last month. This $80 headset is readily available currently, and also it is a wired variation of the cordless Stealth 600 headset that you could obtain for $100.

Exactly what you’ll such as

It’s comfortable
Like the Stealth 600 and also 700 that appeared previously this year, the Stealth 300 does not press your holy places or head, however it additionally gives a protected, tight fit that will not drink loosened as you take a look around. Also when I attempted to drink it off by relocating my head faster compared to I would certainly when utilizing it, the tool stayed in position.

The Stealth 600 had a rattly as well as economical top quality to it that I did not like. In functional application, this suggests you could make changes to one side of the headset without having to sustain the contrary side with your various other hand.
It seems terrific on whatever

If you do not contrast the Stealth 300 to the Stealth 600 (and also truthfully no real human would certainly do that), the standout function is the integrated powered boosting. This allows you to obtain durable sound by linking into an Xbox One gamepad, a DualShock 4, a Switch, or anything else.

Surges audio larger, songs appears fuller, and also voices audio broader as well as extra excellent. If you are going from a basic headset to the Stealth 300, you are mosting likely to instantaneously obtain a much more motion picture, immersive experience.

Exactly what you will not such as

Needs power to operate
The enhanced sound is the only alternative of the Stealth 300. If your USB-rechargeable battery is dead, the headset will certainly not function. You will certainly obtain absolutely no audio if you connect it right into a DualShock 4 with no juice.

Currently, the battery does last 30-to-40 hrs, which is fantastic. I still do not obtain why the tool does not simply click over to a requirement, non-amplified setting up until power comes on. I’ve made use of various other headset, significantly the LucidSound LS20, that do precisely that, so it’s feasible.

If you obtain the Stealth 300, you will certainly intend to enter the practice of billing it as regularly as feasible to stay clear of a circumstance where it does not work.

Final thought
The Stealth 300 is terrific till its battery runs out. If you are somebody that has and also makes use of an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, smart device, and also a lots various other gadgets, having something like the Stealth 300 can enhance your pc gaming as well as media intake substantially.

If you just play on one console, I would possibly take into consideration paying an added $20 for the Stealth 600 rather. It has comparable audio high quality as well as battery life, yet you do not need to fret about the cable television– although you could connect a cord into utilize it on various other gadgets if you desire.

I such as the Stealth 300, yet I would certainly utilize another thing as my daily headset directly due to the fact that I’ve had actually powered headsets pass away on me. That’s an irritation or anxiousness that I do not intend to take care of after investing $80.
The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is offered currently for $80. Turtle Beach supplied an example system for the objective of this testimonial.

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