The Crazy Esports Match between Males and Females in Russia!

When we talk about Esports, everyone will think about the high prize of the competition, but there are not every Esports competition are using money as the bet. There happen a case that one of the CS:GO Match between male and female in Russia are using the different bet in their competition which is they need to take off a clothing when their team lose a match!

In the video, we can saw that there are a “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” event in Russia, the two sides of the game are the men’s team BANANI_BRO and the women’s team BEST OF THE BEST. The events is play 11 games and the team can win the event when getting 6 win, but the event has added a rule that is impossible in the regular league, that is every time a team lose the game, they have to take off their clothes!

At the beginning of the video, we can see that the female’s team led the men’s team 4-2. However, the men’s team immediately won four games and eventually won the women’s team by 4-6. As for the women’s team, you can watch the article and video until the end so you will know whether they have complied with the promises.

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