Swordsman X Mobile is coming in China

In year 2018, Swordsman X became the first ever wuxia battle royale game to be launched in China. Prior to this, it was only available for PC. Now, it has been announced by the developer, Dream Game Studio that the game is arriving on mobile and it will soon enter its testing phase.

Swordsman X is similar to other battle royale games, players need to survive until become the only one left standing, with martial arts and weapons. Inspired by the architectural and geographical aspects of ancient China, you will find it difficult to gather resources. Not to mention that the constant shrinking of the poison mist safe zone is another hindrance to your survival hopes.

The PC version did better than expected in a country where free-to-play games are the norm. In other words, we have to pay to own the game. The English version has actually been on Steam since July last year for early access, with the price at MYR62.25. For a studio that started out in 2017 with a total of less than five members and to sell over 500, 000 copies of the game since July, it is not too bad of an achievement, after all. The mobile version will not share the same servers as the PC version. 

Swordsman X Mobile will certainly retain the exact same Chinese wuxia aesthetics and features from its PC counterpart. Needless to say, the 100-player battle royale feature will be there too.

The information about the Swordsman X Mobile is still limited for the time so stay tuned for more details. There is the gameplay trailer of the Swordsman X:

If players feel interest to Swordsman X mobile, can click here to reserve the game!

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