Steam Ranking: PUBG grows fastest,CS:GO becomes the biggest winner!

Based on the review in 2018 of Green Man Gaming website, CS:GO and Dota 2 is the biggest winner of Steam client games in 2018, the total time spent on playing this two game has increased by 88%. CS:GO is the most time-consuming game in all games, and Dota2 is the hardcore game consist of the most hardcore gamers.

CS:GO has accumulated more than 193 million hours of game time for 305,535 independent players, both of data are much higher than other online games in other Steam. In fact, the reason for the increase in CS:GO is that V has turned it into a permanent free game, which also increased the average monthly number of CS:GO players to 405,550, which is the highest number of players in the six or seven years.

Dota2 is the second most, with 138,415 independent players playing nearly 178 million hours. But one of Dota2’s data is terrifying. Each Dota2 player spends an average of 1.284 hours in the game, which is twice the amount of Final Fantasy 14 Online (669 hours/player).

In 2018, the PUBG performance was equally strong. The game’s independent game account increased to 268,267 this year, and the player’s total game time reached 45 million hours, which is the fourth in the Steam game.

American players are Steam’s most loyal users, who beat players from other regions in terms of game time, adding up to 412 million hours, which adds up to more than 47,000 years of play in the game. The other top five countries are: the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and Germany. The top two most popular games in each country are Dota2 and CS:GO. Surprisingly, PUBG ranks third in Germany and fourth in the UK, and the rest are unnamed.

The specific data is as follows:

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