One hand can also eat chicken in “APEX LEGENDS”! Disabled player Carry teammates to victory!

The battle royale game “APEX LEGENDS” is a fast-paced, cool heroic skill and an element that can make players come back. It is loved by the majority of players and broke the 25 million players in just 10 days. Recently, a physically deficient player showed us that there is nothing that is impossible to succeed, because his body is flawed, but with his strength, he and his teammates eat chicken in “APEX LEGENDS”!

The player is called ToeYouUp. He is a retired American soldier who retired because he lost his right hand. Although he lost his right hand, when he was playing “APEX LEGENDS”, he did not lose to a healthy player. He used his left hand and match with the right foot to operate the handle of the PS4. Eventually he successfully shot the last two enemies and successfully rescued a companion to successfully eat chicken. The official also appraise this player on Twitter:

ToeYouUp also showed us that there is nothing that is impossible, and that it is worthy of admiration. Currently APEX LEGENDS has been released for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

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