Great news! Mushi officially joined the Tigers team!

In November 2018, Mushi had left Mineski, a team that has been in business for more than a year and a half. At that time, Mushi did not express his whereabouts. Recently, the Tigers team officially sent the two players Ahjit and inYourdreaM, and announced that Mushi has decided to become one of the Tigers teams! Mushi has finally confirmed its new owner.

Recently, RHB Bank produced a New Year film using the story of Mushi. The story tells the story of Mushi before he became a professional player. The whole film looks very inspirational. All the way because of the family’s trust and his beliefs, Mushi has come to the status of today. Let’s take a look!

I believe that we will see him again in the big game of Dota 2 soon. I hope to see the Tigers team can join this year’s TI!

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