Esports May Not Be Included In Paris Olympic 2024

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) mentioned that it’s still “premature” to include Esports as a medal event in 2024 Olympic.

This news may disappoint some esports supporter, who are looking for a breakthrough in the 2024 Paris Olympic.

IOC authorities agreed at a conference in Lausanne that numerous ‘uncertainties’ continue to be over the intro of esports games, consisting of some egames not working with Olympic worth.

The reason why esports is not ready yet for 2024 Olympic is due to a few reasons stated by IOC. Firstly, there are different value between Olympic and egames.  IOC also mentioned that the changing popularity of games and fast development towards augmented reality and virtual reality make this industry growing rapidly. Moreover, IOC claims that sports movement is value based while esports industry is commercially driven.

Esports industry is now in competition with sports movement as they are might target for the same group of leisure time of young people

However, this does not mean that esports will not be included in Olympic in the future.

‘’The Summit agreed that the Olympic Movement should not ignore its growth, particularly because of its popularity among young generations around the world. It was agreed that competitive gaming entails physical activity which can be compared to that required in more traditional sports.’’

IOC officials agreed at a meeting in Lausanne that several ‘uncertainties’ remain over the introduction of competitive gaming, including some game titles not being compatible with Olympic values.

‘‘The Summit encourages the International federations (Ifs) to explore the potential benefits and applications of the electronic and virtual versions of their sport’’

In my opinions, although some of the esports games may consist of stimulated violence, however physically violent sports such as boxing fencing and wrestling has already included in Olympics. Esports games is much better as it does not hurt people in physical. Esports will likely be included in Olympic one days as competitive gaming industry is growing rapidly. The numbers of young generation involving in esports is growing, not only playing games but also start to watch tournaments and even join the esports tournaments

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