EA announced 350 layoffs! In order to meet the challenge and seek greater opportunities in future!!

As a famous game company, EA must be familiar to everyone right? As a game company that has existed for so long time in the game industry, EA can be said to be one of the largest companies in the game market with a certain number of exclusive games. There are some more game series that players must play! Presumably players know this company?

Recently, EA announced that it will cut 350 employees mainly from the marketing and publishing departments and reduce its business in Japan and Russia. EA’s CEO said that layoffs are to face more powerful challenges in the future and to seek greater opportunities, better fulfill the commitment to players, and improve the organization to achieve the best game company in the minds of players! In addition, EA also guarantees that assistance and support will be provided to employees who have been abolished.

What opinions do the players have on the EA layoffs? I hope that EA will have more progress in technical and marketing promotion after layoffs, and make better games for players! We also hopes that EA can launch a game that is very fun and not too expensive!

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