Are you a Giller or a Killer?Come to join the”Weekly Giller Chicken Killer” PUBG Mobile tournament!

The mobile battle royale games had become more popular in the online gaming right now. PUBG Mobile is one of the famous mobile battle royale games and there are many players like to play it! If players want to win the game, they need to kill other players and survive until the last. There has a good news for the players who like to play the PUBG Mobile which is 5v5 Esports has organize an online mini PUBG Mobile Tournament : “Weekly Giller Chicken Killer”!

Weekly Giller Chicken Killer” is an online mini PUBG Mobile Tournament that launch by 5v5 Esports for their 5v5 Esports Fun Club member in March. It is a Kill-based mini tournament, the players will play in the Solo TPP mode, SanHok Map and who get the highest kills would win the tournament.

This tournament will start from 4 March 2019, 5v5 Esports will run 3 matches on every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Player who get the highest kills after 3 matches on that day can win the Prize rewards and the player who get the highest kill in March still can win the extra Prize rewards. Players are welcome to break the highest kills record by keep join the matches.

Player who score the highest kills on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday can win RM50 Cash

Player who score highest kill in March can win extra RM100 Cash

Are you a Giller or a Killer? Now is the time to show your skill in this tournament, the more players you kill the more honor you get. Player who feel interest may click on 5v5 Esports official website to know more detail about this mini online tournament! How to join the tournament? Player must register as 5v5 Esports Fun Club member first, then the official will contact you with the detail.

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