《Blade Symphony》gone free-to-play!Most of the players give negative review!

Sometime many players saw the game they want to play but cannot effort because too expensive. Let us introduces you to an action game “Blade Symphony” which became a free game on March 9th! Presumably, players are also very curious about what kind of game is this? This is a 3D battle game like “Street Fighter”, players can play five different professions to play against other players!

This game originally sold for 15USD (about RM61). After the gamers who paid for the game knew that the game became free, they all vomited to spend money to buy a free game. They also said that they should wait until now, so the game’s comments appeared. The players make complaint in comment because the game becomes a free. Of course, most players are still willing to try the game because they need to spend money to play in before. After all, the game has become free now.

From the video above show that this game is not a simple game where you can beat your opponent by pressing the button! If you want to attack the enemy effectively, you must have correct and powerful routines, so the thing of “blind punching” does not exist! If you are interested, you can click here to download it!

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